This series focuses on several teenage girls aged between 13-16 and how they are stuck in-between childhood and adulthood. Their actions and environments show characteristics of both, desperate to grow up but retaining certain aspects of their youth. From getting ready for a party to the decoration of their rooms, this series portrays the different attributes of a typical teenage girl in Britain. The series displays a juxtaposition between the sexualisation of these girls and the surroundings that reflect upon their childhood.

All images © Susie Brady 2013. All Rights Reserved

‘Sorry my room’s a mess, I’ve fallen out with my friends so ripped their pictures off my wall’

‘Teenage life is so confusing, it’s all just so bloody complicated’

‘She used to be my best friend but she’s a right slut now’

‘One minute I’m so happy and the next I’m in tears. Some days it’s too much to handle’

‘I wasn’t sure whether to stay with my boyfriend or not, so I flipped a coin. It landed on heads so I dumped him’

‘She slept with my boyfriend. I just saw red and beat her up, I was sent home for the day. She deserved it though’

She used to be my best friend but she’s a right slut now
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